Challenge, resilience, courage, nature, innovation: these are some of the key words that distinguish Sailing into the Future. Together.

IBSA’s new project starts in 2022 with a sporting feat: the Route du Rhum, one among the most prestigious and challenging solo regatta which, in actual fact, also metaphorically represents the history, philosophy and vision of the Company, always aimed at the future, in an on-going challenge within the therapeutic and personal care areas, but not only. The project sees the commitment of a greatly experienced and talented sporting team, who have been involved in the project right from the design and construction phase of an innovative Class40 boat, featuring cutting-edge technology.


Sam Manuard and the JPS Production shipyard for the new Alberto Bona’s IBSA Class40

For his new boat, skipper Alberto Bona decided to rely on Sam Manuard – one of the great French naval architects of ocean classes, who so far has designed 13 Class40 – and on the JPS Production shipyard, renowned for the quality of its constructions. Alberto’s boat is the Mach 5, the latest evolution of Manuard’s Class40, which will be present at the start of the Route du Rhum as one of the most innovative and modern boats. Launched at La Trinité-sur-Mer on August 3, 2022, the boat differs from its predecessors for its rounded bow, created with the aim of increasing performance when sailing downwind, and for the hull, which promises high performance, also thanks to the shape of the water lines and appendages, designed to make the hull a fast all-rounder when reaching too. Distinctive is also the design of the cockpit, large and well protected: a choice that will allow the sailor to face navigation in the most comfortable and safe positions possible.

Sam Manuard: “To design the Mach 5, we benefited from all the experience of the Mach 4, as well as from the observation of the other boats”.

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