Alberto Bona continues his training for the Transat CIC

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Alberto Bona continues his training for the Transat CIC

12 April 2024

For Bona and the Class40 IBSA, the thirty-day period before the Transat CIC is essential in order to train and to get back into solo sailing mode in view of the start, scheduled for April 28.

Following the launch and the new rating of the Class40 IBSA, Alberto immediately returned to the water to prepare himself thoroughly for the challenge awaiting him at the end of the month. After a few days spent training alone, the skipper chose the regatta Spi Ouest-France BPGO to boost his training and to get back into racing rhythm.

With two young local athletes on board, Bona raced in three of the four trials: “Our goal was to test the boat during a race”, he explained. “We participated in three trials, which was a great way to verify that everything was working properly”. The popular regatta is also a great occasion for celebration for the town of La Trinité-sur-Mer, while for Alberto it was the opportunity to share his passion for sailing with this village, which over the years has become his home.

Afterwards, Bona sailed to Lorient for a series of collective training sessions, once again solo, but with other Class40s, many of which will participate in the Transat CIC, a major test involving offshore navigation. On the way back, the Class40 IBSA will undergoa final maintenance check in the shipyard and then it will be time to move to Lorient. “We will be in Lorient well in advance”, explained the skipper.“We will be among the first to undergo the safety checks required by the organisation before the start, and then we will be ready for this great challenge.

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