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The Boat

Sam Manuard and the JPS Production shipyard for Alberto Bona’s new Mach 5

For his new boat, skipper Alberto Bona decided to rely on Sam Manuard – one of the great French naval architects of ocean classes, who so far has designed 13 Class40 – and on the JPS Production shipyard, renowned for the quality of its constructions.

Alberto’s boat is the Mach 5, the latest evolution of Manuard’s Class40, which has been present at the start of the Route du Rhum as one of the most innovative and modern boats.

Sam Manuard: “To design the Mach 5, we benefited from all the experience of the Mach 4, as well as from the observation of the other boats. This allowed to define a new concept, that we believe is very effective”. Alberto has at his disposal one of the most modern boats in the fleet, and all the tools to aim for brilliant results.

A powerful, versatile, fast and more ergonomic boat, optimised for the Route du Rhum 2022 and the future regattas: “This boat perfectly reflects our approach to the program”, summarised Alberto Bona. “It’s the result of the search for detail, of the improvement in every single aspect: we were looking for a fast hull, clearly at the limits of the box rule, reliable in all weather conditions and sufficiently innovative to make a difference”.

“The choice of Sam Manuard as a designer was virtually a natural one”, continued Bona, and is based on a solid relationship dating back to the time of the Mini class, on the sharing of a design vision and on the innovations that Bona was looking for his IBSA Class40. “Sam had worked on a new design and carried out the most recent studies to define the best hull compromise”added the skipper. “I reviewed his previous designs, and I’m sure he found an interesting balance for the new boat. I 100% share the starting objectives of the project; the Class40 sporting level continues to rise and the boats are very demanding to sail at the top…preserving the skipper becomes critical!”

Sam Manuard confirmed: “The ergonomics of the cabin is key. In Class40, the general level has risen, and to win one needs to be able to attack hard. This requires greater protection, a good view from the lookout position, the ability to constantly adjust the sails and tune the trajectories without getting too tired. And it is precisely in this perspective that we worked”.

The IBSA Class40’s technical launch took place on August 3, 2022, in La Trinité-sur-Mer, while its proper and official launch has been scheduled for September 9 of the same year, with a ceremony that officially made the Class40 enter the IBSA world.

Class40 – Technical sheet

  • Hull length = 12.19 meters
  • Hull width = 4.50 meters
  • Weight = 4.5 tons
  • Upwind sails area = 115 sq m
  • Broad reach sailing area = 300 sq m
  • Mast height = 20 m.

Main innovation and design features

  • Ergonomics of internal and external spaces, for better life on board
  • Powerful hull, with volumes at the bow, but more manageable in rough seas
  • Deep cockpit, for safety during manoeuvers
  • Innovation on clews, for sail adjustment
  • Innovative study on hull (submerged) appendages (keel and rudders)