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The Boat

Sam Manuard and the JPS Production shipyard for Alberto Bona’s new Mach 5

For his new boat, skipper Alberto Bona chose to rely on a talented architect, Sam Manuard – who so far has designed 13 Class40s – and on the JPS Production shipyard, renowned for the quality of its constructions.

Alberto’s future boat will be the Mach 5. It will also be the first evolution of the new “scow” hulls, with the innovative lines and large volumes at the bow, for a better performance in many points of sailing.

Sam Manuard. “To design the Mach 5, we benefited from all the experience of the Mach 4, as well as from the observations of the other boats. This allowed us to define a new concept, that we believe is very effective”. Alberto will have one of the newest boats in the fleet, and hopefully one of the most comprehensive. He will have the weapons he needs to aim for excellent results.

A powerful, versatile, fast, more ergonomic boat, optimised for the Route du Rhum. Sam Manuard doesn’t reveal too much about the new Mach 5, but one thing is certain: the Mach 5 will be innovative and probably very, very efficient. “We wanted to design a boat that was powerful, versatile, fast, more ergonomic and optimised for the Route du Rhum”. The design focused on ergonomics and on-board “comfort”.

Alberto: “I have not yet sailed on the latest generation Class40s; the “scow” bow is a complete novelty for me, and I can’t wait to discover the first sensations under sail. The choice of the boat for me was an evidence: Sam worked on a new design and conducted the most recent studies to define the best hull compromise; I studied his previous designs and I’m sure he found an interesting balance for the new boat. I’m 100% on-board with the initial objectives of the project; the sporting level in Class40 continues to rise and reaching top performance with the boats is very demanding… preserving the skipper becomes critical!”.

Sam Manuard confirmed: “The ergonomics of the cabin are becoming a decisive issue. In the Class40s the general level rises, and in order to win one needs to be able to attack hard. This requires greater protection, a good view from the lookout position, the ability to constantly trim the sails and adjust the trajectories without getting too tired. And we worked precisely from this perspective”.

The mold for the boat has been completed, and the early stages of construction are under way. The building of the hull and deck is expected to begin in March, with a launch scheduled for late June.

Class40 – technical specs

  • Hull length = 12.19 m (40.0 ft)
  • Hull width = 4.50 m (14.8 ft)
  • Weight = 4.5 tons
  • Upwind sail area = 115 m2 (1,240 sq ft)
  • Broad reach area = 300 m2 (3,229 sq ft)
  • Mast height = 20 m (65,6 ft)

Main features of design and innovation:

  • Ergonomics of internal and external spaces for life on board
  • Powerful hull, with volumes at the bow, but more manageable in rough seas
  • Deep cockpit for safety during manoeuvres
  • Innovation on the sheet leads for trimming the sails
  • Innovative study on hull (submerged) appendages (keel and rudders)