The launch of ​​the Class40 IBSA in Trinité-sur-Mer

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The launch of ​​the Class40 IBSA in Trinité-sur-Mer

An actual celebration took place on Friday, September 9, in the Breton port of La Trinité-sur-Mer, on the occasion of the launch of ​​the Class40 IBSA. A date to remember for the project Sailing into the Future. Together, and a day bursting with enthusiasm, which officially marks the start of the countdown to the Route du Rhum 2022 – Destination Guadeloupe.

Great emotion and pride emerged from the words of Arturo Licenziati, President and CEO of the IBSA Group, who attended the event together with several company representatives and the entire Alberto Bona’s team.

“Sailing into the Future. Together is the three-year international project that we strongly pursued, because it combines innovation, commitment, environmental and social responsibility”, stated President Licenziati.“The whole project and this first great sporting challenge that we are preparing to face give us the opportunity to introduce to the world our vision, values ​​and Pillars (Person, Innovation, Quality and Responsibility), the same ones that we share with sport, and with sailing in particular.

Among the most prestigious trimarans docked in Trinité-sur-Mer, that have gone around the world and made the history of ocean sailing, the IBSA Class40 has been officially “baptized” by Francesca Licenziati, niece of the President.

After the technical launch on August 3, the hull designed by Sam Manuard, built by the JPS Production shipyard, and hoisting the burgeeof the Bellano Yacht Club, has been subject to a series of tests at sea, which allowed Alberto to qualify for the Route du Rhum.

Over the next few days, Bona and his team will continue working on a few details before moving on to Saint-Malo where on September 15, Bona will participate in the Malouine Lamotte regatta and then, on September 22, he will attend the opening day of the Genoa Boat Show, with the aim of promoting the project Sailing into the Future. Together.

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