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Pierre-Edouard Regaud

Pierre-Edouard Regaud began his professional career in 1999 in the French Navy, first as a junior Commando marine, then as a combat swimmer in the Special Forces, and finally as a watch officer on the deck of a ship until the end of his military career, in 2010.

Once left the army – after eleven years of traveling around the world in symbiosis with the sea, between surface navigation and scuba diving – the transition to the world of sailing as a professional navigator appeared more than natural to him.

Concomitantly with his activity as a sailor, Pierre-Edouard also began building models of ocean-going boats, first as a hobby and later as a profession. In 2016, he created a Class40 model, the POGO S3, for a friend of his who, enthusiastic about the result, also commissioned the real model for the following regatta season and for a round-trip transatlantic voyage.

The rest is history: Pierre-Edouard quickly became a technical instructor and boat captain, accumulating increasingly more experience and technical know-how.

In 2022 Regaud has worked with Alberto Bona in the preparation of the IBSA Class40 – a Mach 5, successor to the Mach 4 and first evolution of the new “scow” hulls, with their innovative lines and large bow volumes for a better performance in many sailing points – which took Alberto to the Route du Rhum 2022. IBSA’s is not the first scow-bowed hull that Pierre-Edouard has followed-up once out of the shipyard: in the winter of 2022, in fact, he prepared the Class40 POGO S4, a latest generation boat, with which he also had the opportunity to try out a new way of sailing, and therefore a new way of approaching the preparation of an ocean racing boat.

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