INCLUSIVE SAILING – The Partnership with the Société des Régates d’Antibes

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INCLUSIVE SAILING – The Partnership with the Société des Régates d’Antibes

The Société des Régates d’Antibes – one of the oldest in France – participates in IBSA’s project Sailing Into the Future. Together. This prestigious Club, which has been playing a central role in the history of French and Mediterranean sailing since the end of the nineteenth century, is indeed one of the organisations to which IBSA decided to donate two Hansa 303 boats, specially designed for people with disabilities. The crafts will be used for the two main activities of the Club: the regional school project – which, before the partnership with IBSA, did not include children with disabilities – and the activities related to the Handi Voile 06 project, born in 2006.

The Mediterranean region of France has had a school project linked to the world of sailing for many years: every year, thousands of boys and girls participate in the initiatives of the Clubs, to get closer to this sport. “Before the partnership with IBSA”, explained Alain Venturi, president of the Société des Régates d’Antibes, “classes with people with disabilities did not participate in the initiative. Now, thanks to IBSA, even the very young with disabilities will be able to take part in the initiative in total safety, something we are really proud of”.

The two Hansa 303 boats, perfect for even the little ones, join the Club’s large fleet of boats for people with disabilities, including three trimarans and a cabin cruiser, boats that allow the Société des Régates d’Antibes to organise national events dedicated to sailing for people with disabilities and to be the reference point for over twenty associations, for more than training 250 sessions every season.

The activities carried out by the Société des Régates d’Antibes perfectly reflect the values ​​in which IBSA believes and of which it will be the ambassador through this project. Indeed, inclusive sailing brings together different realities, which are however united by the same goals and by a word as simple as it is powerful: the adverb together, symbol of a shared mission IBSA is proud to be at the helm of.

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