Transat CIC – The Start |

28 April 2024

A group start for the thirteen Class40s of the Transat CIC, which at 1:30 pm crossed the starting line in front of Lomener, in the channel between the coast and the island of Groix. Close reaching, they crossed the Southward stretch – designed by the organisation to make this wonderful start even more interesting – in about an hour and a half.

Therefore, the Class40s started the race with a 200° heading: a mandatory route to get past the islet and sail up to the clearing buoy, where they arrived all together, to then finally change tack and begin to set their own course to exit the Bay of Biscay and head out into the ocean.

A conservative start for Alberto Bona on the Class40 IBSA who, having hoisted the gennaker and the solent, remained in the middle of the fleet, which was initially led by Ambrogio Beccaria (Alla Grande Pirelli), who then gave way to a wild Amélie Grassi (La Boulagère Bio) and, at the end of the first hour of the race, to Nicolas D’Estais (Café Joyeux). Alberto’s recovery took place in the next phase, after the clearing buoy and in the direction of the Glénan archipelago, where he positioned himself well, increasing his speed.

It will be a tough race; I’m happy that the time has come to set sail and release all the tension caused by the wait”, stated Bona this morning from the pier, before casting off the moorings. “It’s always very exciting and emotional when you leave land: crossing the Atlantic at these latitudes is no mean feat. The goal is to sail well, give your best, keep the boat in the best possible condition. It’s a very long regatta, therefore one needs to keep very focused up until the finish line”.

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