Para Sailing Academy: an increasingly international reality

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Para Sailing Academy: an increasingly international reality

14 November 2023

IBSA and FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela, the Italian Sailing Federation) continue to support the Para Sailing Academy (a disabled sailing school), promoting the importance of diversity and inclusiveness through sailing. IBSA and FIV are indeed committed to taking this project beyond national borders, establishing international hubs dedicated to disabled sailing, with the aim of making this sport a growth, development and sharing tool for everyone, regardless of their physical abilities.

The last piece, in temporal order, that makes up this great mosaic is the Inclusive Development Programme (IDP), presented last November 7 in Cagliari during the Sardinia Sailing Cup. The IDP programme, developed within a close collaboration between World Sailing and the Italian Sailing Federation, is a significant step in the path of growth and development of disabled sailing on an international scale.Giorgio Pisani – Vice President IBSA Group and Project Leader of Sailing into the Future. Together – commented: “Sailing is a wonderful sport, in which the values ​​of respect, mutual help and integration come before victory. This is why IBSA promotes the Para Sailing Academy as a new vehicle of inclusion to amplify its reach at an international level, alongside partners like FIV and World Sailing. The choice to embrace this project comes from the fact that at IBSA we strongly believe in the intrinsic power of inclusiveness in this sport, in which able-bodied and disabled people can truly compete on equal terms”.

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