The Class40 IBSA back in the water

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The Class40 IBSA back in the water

14 March 2024

For the Class40 IBSA the time has come for a second technical launch (the first took place in August 2022, in La Trinité-sur-Mer, Brittany, France) and to get back in the water after more than two months in the shipyard. During these weeks, the hull has been dismantled and meticulously checked, while introducing structural modifications in anticipation of the new racing season.

From moving the position of the ballasts (the liquid “weights” that ensure greater stability to the boat) to improving the internal nav station, the Class40 IBSA is ready to take on the 2024 regattas. The launch – which took place in La Trinité-sur-Mer this time too – involved an intense day of work: first the boat was taken by land from the shipyard to the marina, then the keel and mast were fitted, and finally the hull touched the water again.

A new tonnage certificate will also be issued shortly: the boat will in fact have to be checked by Class40 technicians to verify her compliance with the regulations and all safety aspects for ocean navigation, and to confirm that all modifications fall within the Class rules. Once this important step is completed, the Class40 IBSA will be officially seaworthy, and Alberto Bona will begin a training session, together with his team, to assess her performance.

Finally back in the water!”, commented Bona. “The time spent in the shipyard has been very demanding; we did our very best to make all the changes we wanted. In the next few days, after the tonnage certification, we will weigh the boat and finish the fitting-out of the electronics, after which we will be ready for training”.

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