18 November 2022

While the Utims have already set aside the Route du Rhum and the Ocean Fiftys will soon begin to glimpse Guadeloupe in the distance, the Class40s are still in the middle of the ocean, almost off the Canary Islands, with a wind which is finally coming almost from the “right” direction and should increase in the next few hours.

The weather is finally changing for solo sailors, who will take off their oilskins and heavy jackets and will now race in less harsh conditions. Yesterday was the day of the “big sprint” by Yoann Richomme, the by now stable leader of the Class40 regatta, who put 55 miles between himself and his opponents, sailing with significant average speeds. In second position, at this morning’s 7 o’clock check, was Ambrogio Beccaria, who yesterday gained ground on Innoveo

Alberto Bona and the Class40 IBSA are stably in seventh position, pushing with perseverance and lucidity towards the finish line, about 1,830 miles away. Also hooked up to the leading group – in eighth position – is Luke Berry on his Lamotte, about ten miles behind Alberto. Behind him, gaps exceed a hundred miles, and it’s another race altogether.

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