24 November 2022

Here we go: after 14 days of navigation, Alberto Bona and the Class40 IBSA are about to sight Guadeloupe.  At this morning’s 7 o’clock check (Italian time), the boat was 65 miles from the finish, maintaining a 12-knot speed; behind them an empty ocean, since the ninth Class40 is 200 miles away.  Presumably at the beginning of the 15th day of navigation, which will start at 1:00 pm today (Italian time), IBSA will end its regatta and then it will be Alberto Bona – and not a satellite system – to tell us how it went.

Alberto and IBSA will be welcomed by the shore team and the IBSA team, who have been on site for a few days now: as soon as he crosses the finish line, the shore team will get on board with the first comfort items, Captain Pierrot will take the helm and finally Alberto will be able to consider his incredible regatta concluded and start telling it in every detail.

Meanwhile, the IBSA team yesterday went to celebrate the finish of Ambrogio Beccaria, who crossed the finish line in second place, thus completing a great feat.

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