19 November 2022

It’s a mystery. The trade winds of the 2022 edition continue to give the sailors of the Route du Rhum – and to those of the Class40 in particular – a hard time. At the head of the regatta in this category there is still him, Yoann Richomme: yesterday, his Paprec Arkéa gained a significant lead on her rivals, thanks to a 24-hour average speed of 14 knots, and no less than 17 knots over the last four hours and an instantaneous speed of 19.2 knots at 7 o’clock, which finally shows what the wonderful Class40s are capable of.

Once in gear, he has a lead of just under 100 miles over Ambrogio Beccaria, who leads the second leading group, together with Innoveo and Banque du Leman, all in a twenty-mile stretch. Further back, 50 miles away (170 from the leader) Alberto Bona is holding on in the second group: he is in an area with less wind, but he has chosen, like his two “neighbors”, a more West-oriented route (a good 20 degrees more to the right than those in front of him), along a better approach, even if not with the same speed.

Oceanic dilemmas: as we enter the tenth day of navigation, the task of the pursuer is to find a strategy in order not to remain perfectly in the wake of the leaders, a position that does not allow for any creative solution and any chance of attack. With 1,400 miles to go, the boat needs to run, but there is still time to try and do something to change the situation, showing the great strength of spirit and the determination that Alberto Bona has already shown, by making a crossing with his Class40 IBSA that is already an excellent performance.

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