31 October 2022

A hundred and twenty are the skippers who, on November 6, will set sail in one of the world’s most iconic and important solo transatlantic race.

For Italian sailing, many are the points of interest in this edition, given that there are 4 sailors involved in the transatlantic. Three are in Class40: Alberto Bona on IBSA, Andrea Fornaro on Influence and Ambrogio Beccaria on Allagrande Pirelli. Among the Imoca 60, Giancarlo Pedote with his Prysmian. The three have what it takes to play in the top 10; they have latest generation boats and, in terms of technology and equipment, they can compete on an equal footing.

At the presentation of the skippers, applauded by the over 50,000 people present in the Village set up for the event, Alberto Bona said: “It was very exciting, we were called one by one on the stage in the middle of the Village, and I found myself next to the great Kito de Pavant, a veteran of French ocean sailing. There was a beautiful climate, a lot of energy and a lot of anticipation: it’s wonderful to be here”.


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